Have you ever asked yourself why is it that sometimes the Forex market seems “sleepy” whatever you try to do seems like you are just wasting your time and efforts?  now is the time to find out why. I have people asking me sometimes how do I cope with training others,  running this blog and at the same time manage to trade my own account, it is simply because I do not just trade at random times, I choose my markets wisely, there are times that I do not trade.

It has been said that the Forex market is open 24 hours, 5 and half days a week, but still there are times when you just have to stay away from the Forex markets. It might seem like it is not important to know the best time to trade Forex, but it is.

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The best time to trade Forex is when the market is active which then means more volumes of trades are being made on the market. Actively traded markets create more opportunities to trade and make profits while calm and slow markets will actually waste time and efforts, they are kind of”sleepy”.

Many traders are not really taking this into consideration, they just trade at any time because of the fact that the Forex market is open 24 hours a day, but the truth is there are good and the not so good times to trade, some traders know this but they choose to ignore it anyway. Before we can talk about the best time to trade Forex, there are 3 things  that I think every Forex trader should adopt:

  • Make profits
  • Keep profits
  • Repeat


The Forex market has no physical location where all the buy and sell take place, therefore it allows anyone from any part of the world to participate, when one market closes another market opens giving everyone across the globe an opportunity to get their share of this trillion-dollar pie, but you have to know the best time to trade Forex.

The Forex market consists of four sessions, they open and close at different times, see table below.


Now that you know the opening and closing times for each Forex market, you can make informed decisions on when will be the best time to trade Forex for you.

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It is also reported by many traders that the EUR pairs and GBP pairs are mostly traded during the London session, till we meet again , thank you for stopping by and reading my post.

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