Private Forex Coaching Lessons Work Well For Both Beginners And Experienced Traders

Forex Trading seems impossible at first.
The charts alone can be intimidating, and make one’s head to spin.

Add to that the strange language about spreads, buy, sell (buy and sell what, exactly?), hold, economic news etc.

Fortunately though, like everything else – forex trading can be learned.

It is also true that you can Google your way through it, but then how will you know what you do not know?

Forex Trading is no different from other investments or businesses. It is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a living, and dynamic industry – therefore takes a teachable mind to succeed.

Benefits of Private Forex Coaching

It affords my clients privacy.
Most online/classroom based training programs tend to put the students together in a physical class or some social media group.
Not everybody wants to advertise the fact that they are trading Forex.

Not all students are the same. The private Forex coaching lessons I give my students are not cast in stone. Some students have things to unlearn. A good forex trading coach should be able to accommodate such situations.

Private Forex coaching works very well for people with discipline issues, as well as for beginners. There are a gazillion trading strategies out there. Having one on one lessons means that you get to learn and perfect a single strategy (consistency). You filter the Forex noise out (and there is plenty of it on the internet).

What's included in the lessons?

  • Introduction to the Forex Markets
  • Currency pairs (majors and crosses)
  • Currency correlations
  • Order basics
  • Order types
  • Basic technical analysis
  • Advanced fundamental analysis
  • Trading Psychology
  • Managing account equity & practicing consistency
  • Trading platform experience

The private Forex coaching is done online through Teamviewer. As mentioned before, these are one-on-one sessions, for an hour a day, over a 4 week period. There are no videos to watch as all lessons are delivered by me, in real time. I can only accommodate no more than 10 learners a month. Payfast, Paypal, Payza, and Bitcoins are the acceptable methods of payment.