Why You Should Not Park Money In your Forex Account?

Hello subscribers and readers, welcome back and thank you for stopping by. By parking money, I don’t mean funding your trading account and not trading it. I mean when your account is funded and you are trading it and making profits, do not just leave it in your trading account. Below are the few tips on how you can utilize your trading profits.

Let Your Account Sustain Itself

Now let’s be honest, when you are employed, you allocate transport money from your salary. Your trading account should be able to do that for itself as well. When you take data/Wi-Fi off your budget and let your trading account take care of that, you will feel so great. This is the first one to do, it shows that you are winning and you are moving.

Start A Business

In this case, I would look at the trading account as an investment. When your investment grows, take a portion and put it towards starting a business or growing your existing one. Every end of each month, you’ll need to close your trading books, see how you did and allocate a certain percentage towards growing your business. You can do 10%, 20% or whatever amount that you see fit. That percentage amount should be the same every month. This will not only help you grow your money but it will encourage you to take your trading account more seriously and treat it like an investment. As your business grows, invest some of the profits back to your trading account and keep repeating.

Invest in Shares

If you are in S.A, you can invest in shares using reputable brokers. From your trading account, allocate a percentage that will go towards your share portfolio. Investing in shares is long term, grow your portfolio by using your Forex money.

Buy Something For Your House

Yes I said it, buy something that you will always look at and be proud that you bought that with your trading money. Just like when you start working, it feels so good to look around and see a new microwave that you bought with your own salary. That sense of ownership will encourage you to always do your best in your trading account so you can acquire more. A happy trader does way better than a frustrated one. By all means, do things that makes you happy.

Grow Your Savings or Emergency funds

Allocate a percentage towards your savings. When you have grown your emergency funds/savings account or your tax free account (if you are in S.A) you will feel so proud and be more encouraged to do well in your trading account so you can allocate more. You can make your own list of things that you can do with your Forex money. This post is for someone who is making profits but just keeping them in the Forex account. I recently did an episode on my Podcast covering this topic. You can listen HERE. Thank you for stopping by. If you think this is an eye opener post, please share with your peers and feel free to leave a comment.

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