How To Verify Brokers On FSCA

How To Verify Brokers On FSCA

Who Is FSCA?

FSCA : Financial Sector Conduct Authority formerly known as Financial Services Board (FSB) is the regulatory body of financial institutions that provide financial services and offer financial products. These institutions include banks, insurers, market infrastructures and retirement funds/administrators. They are all licenced in terms of the financial sector law.

What Is The Main Responsibility of FSCA?

The FSCA supervises and regulates the conduct of financial institutions. They also help to protect the financial customers by ensuring that they get fair treatment from financial institutions. Their mandate is to enhance, maintain and support the efficiency and integrity of the financial markets. The FSCA also provides financial education and issues warning statements about financial institutions that are under investigations or have their licence withdrawn etc. You can read all about their media release on their website HERE, who knows, you might just see your current financial institution on the news. Those financial services who are treating customers unfairly and breaking the law, are severely dealt with.

Why This Blog Post?

Sometime last week, a story broke out about how the Minister of Finance said Forex trading is illegal in South Africa (which was clearly incorrect information/fake news). From the comments that I was reading online regarding the story, I realised that most people are not aware that they have rights and access to call and verify any financial markets related news with the regulatory body. I obviously did that and spoke to them and they confirmed that if there’s any news like that, it would have been on their website since they are the one who regulate the industry.

It also didn’t make any sense to have a whole minister of finance talking to a newspaper publication about illegalizing Forex trading before speaking to the regulators. I also get a lot of emails, WhatsApp texts and other social media inboxes from people who are scammed by companies simply because they had no information on how to check if those companies are authorized to offer Forex and other types of investments. I then decided to post this information here to educate more people about FSCA because sharing information is my calling. I am hoping that you’ll be kind enough to help me spread this information to as many people as possible because it might save lives. Below are the instructions on how to check if your Forex broker or any other financial institution is authorised to offer the services that they currently offer. Go to the official FSCA website by clicking HERE and follow the steps below.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9


For the safety of your funds, never trade with an unauthorized broker or give your money to any unauthorised institution or individual, even if they show you their FSP number, always confirm and verify with FSCA if they are authorised to handle public funds. Most Forex Brokers or companies are offering services that they are not authorised to offer. On the last step (step 9) click on here and you’ll find more information on the products. To get to “here” you can click on “key individuals”. If anything confuses you about the products, you can call FSCA or email them.

The broker that I used for demonstration, is one of the brokers that I trade with. I also wrote a review on them. You can check out the review post HERE and if you wish to open an account with them, you’ll find a link on that post and feel free to WhatsApp me for assistance should you get stuck (WhatsApp details at the bottom of this post). Some brokers are trading under a different name. If that is the case, the information should be on the broker’s website and you can still get the FSP number from the website and verify it, the name that they trade under, will definitely show up when you check their FSP number.

I wrote another review on one of the biggest brokers who are also trading under a different name. You can view the post HERE and if you wish to open an account with them, there’s a link on the post to register. I personally trade with both brokers. I hope you found some value in this post. Kindly help me to reach out to as many people as possible by sharing it. Thank you for stopping by and please stay safe. Don’t forget to download the App on Google Playstore to have this content at your fingertips

Is Forex For You?

Is Forex For You?

Should You Or Should You Not Try?

Hello, welcome back. I hope you are still keeping well and safe during these times, I am also just trying my best to stay alive. In S.A we just moved to alert level 1 of lockdown and our economy is slowly reopening, we are only praying and hoping for the best. OK, I have been answering this question about whether Forex trading is something worth trying or not.

Why Did I Start This Blog?

The aim of this blog is to provide practical and realistic tips and content that can be used by anyone. I am not here to give any form of financial or investment advise. I am basically just listening to the public’s frequently asked questions and answer through these articles. A few weeks ago, I published a blog post addressing the issue of untrustworthy Forex investments and that was after my email and social media were flooded with people asking me a lot regarding these investments. Most people were actually crying.

Why This Topic?

Since lockdown started, most people found themselves working from home and some people actually lost their jobs. There’s been a lot of uncertainty since Covid-19. Most people are constantly looking for alternative ways of making an income. Because of the current situation with Covid-19, the online world has really become an obvious option. Let me try to answer this question in a practical and a realistic manner like I always try to do.

You’ve been thinking about venturing into Forex trading lately. You hear your friends or your colleagues talking about trading and telling you how you can make a lot of money working from home, there’s a lot being said about the unemployment rate and folks on social media are also out there telling you how you can fire your boss in six months etc. You read about it on social media, you see it everywhere, you join every group of Forex traders on Facebook, and you even get those overwhelming inboxes from people who stay overseas (you know those people who are inboxing you daily and they want to turn you into a millionaire, they inbox me too because they never bother to check the profiles, all they want is to get to their next victim’s pockets) You are now thinking that you can actually be a millionaire by next year if you can start as soon as possible, WAIT!!! Let me give you a lesson or two on this subject and then you can decide.

Can Someone Really Make A Million Trading Forex?

Yes, definitely, there’s no lie there, but it won’t just happen though. There’s a process, some learning and investing money that should happen before you get there. Your earning potential is also highly linked to your start up capital. You can ask me all about it via WhatsApp (see the WhatsApp feature at the bottom of this post and chat with me)

Who Can Trade Forex?

Whether you have a full-time job, you’re a business owner, a student, a stay at home mom with no degree, whether you are male or female, you can. The flexibility of financial markets will meet your needs allowing you to trade at the set time that suits you as an individual since the markets are open for 24 hours/5 days a week. The age has caught up with the markets and trading has now shifted from the floor to the computer network which makes it easier for anyone to participate. It is a skill that anyone can learn with absolutely no need for any financial or economics background.

Who Should Stay Away From The Markets?

We all know that nothing is ever suitable for everyone, that’s not how the world works. A person who is looking for a quick buck without putting in any effort should deal with that first before venturing into Forex trading. A person who refuses to work on themselves and is always looking for things or people to blame whenever things don’t go right. A person who has a serious gambling problem. All the above mentioned are the things that can be changed though with the help of a good mentor & coach (that’s what I deal with sometimes) As long as you are willing to unlearn these habits and be coachable, you can get through such issues and start your trading career. I have helped a lot to overcome such issues.

Is There Any Risk Involved?

Of course, a big YES, there is a risk in trading just like risk is everywhere, but as with every other business, risk should always be calculated, and definitely it can be. That is why one needs to invest in education and acquire proper knowledge before investing some money. With proper money management skills, risk can be calculated. I recently published a blog post on this subject, you can check it out HERE. We cannot control the markets, but we can definitely control ourselves. The past few years of being in the markets have taught me that failure is mostly as a result of lack of self control and greed. For that reason, my coaching focuses more on trading psychology. I believe that if we can manage ourselves, we can manage our money.


Yes, Forex trading is worth trying as long as you can get education, mentorship & coaching. I hope this helps. Thank you for stopping by. Please kindly share this post with anyone that you think might need this content. For private lessons, mentorship & coaching, you can check HERE and grab your 20% OFF special for my last training sessions of 2020. Please stay safe and know that we are supported and there’s life after Covid. Keep the faith. You can also download our mobile App on Google Playstore so that you don’t miss out on weekly tips on trading psychology.

Forex Trading Psychology

Forex Trading Psychology

What Is Forex Trading Psychology?

Forex trading psychology  refers to a trader’s emotions and  their mental state. It is one of the most important deciding factors of whether a trader will make it or not . It is also about a trader’s character which plays a big role in influencing their trading decisions. Most failures in Forex trading are more about how traders manage themselves.

Manage Yourself, Manage Your Money

I always say that if you can manage yourself, you can definitely manage your money. Most traders think that the most important thing for successful trading, is finding amazing tools and trading strategies. I also understand that we cannot control what happens in the markets, but we can always control ourselves. Now that we know what Forex trading psychology refers to, let’s look at the few specific behaviours and emotions that can be associated with it.

Self Discipline/Control

In whatever that we do, we mostly need a certain level of discipline, without it, chances of being successful are limited. I will make an example with trying to keep fit and getting healthier, we need a lot of self discipline/control in terms of what we eat and also making sure that we get moving and exercise. If we lack self control, we will feel tempted to eat junk food and justify it by saying that everyone around us was eating junk. I love using these as examples because I know how difficult it is for most people to discipline themselves in terms of what they should eat and not eat. Healthy eating is one of the important things that I am passionate about because health is wealth. Let me go back to the business of today before I go on and on about food and health.

How Important Is Self Discipline?

When it comes to Forex trading, discipline should be your strongest weapon. If you cannot discipline yourself in the markets, the markets will sure discipline you through a margin call and that is not a nice thing to experience as a trader. Disciplining yourself involves you saying NO to that urge to trade all the time/over trading, using a bigger lot size when your account is small and risking more that what your account could handle.

What Happens When You Lack Discipline?

When you lack discipline, Forex trading feels like a very bad addiction. When you lack discipline, you are unable to stick to your own plan. The good thing is that discipline is something that can be learned, as long as there’s a will to learn and enough support from a Forex trading mentor/coach. I have learned that it is easier to win when you have a support system to help you up when you stumble (that’s basically what I do with my mentees). A mentor/coach clears a way ahead for you. I never do anything without a mentor/coach until I can stand on my own. Normalise doing the same, it really helps.


When fear strikes, you are likely to miss out on great trading opportunities for the fear of making mistakes and losing money (especially if you’ve made some mistakes that lead to you losing money). The fear of missing out is also another form of fear that is associated with Forex trading psychology. When this type of fear strikes, a trader feels like if a day goes by without placing any trades, they are definitely missing out. But the truth is, a missed trade is never a loss. There’s another type of fear that I won’t indulge in that much on this post, and that is the fear of success. You can read all about it in the post that I published a year ago, HERE. 


According to its definition, greed is a selfish want for something beyond one’s need. A greedy trader is a trader who is never satisfied no matter how great their trading session can be, it always ends very bad. No matter how much they make in a day, it always ends in great losses at the end of the day. A greedy trader never takes money home, it only goes as far as trading history. The good thing again is that, this is something that can be unlearned, as long as you’ve identified and acknowledged it, you can learn NOT to be greedy. Unlearning forms a big part of learning, read more about that HERE. A while ago, I published a post about overcoming GREED, you may want to check it out. 

Forex trading psychology is also that one area that I focus the most on. I recently started posting weekly tips on the App that are mainly focusing on Forex trading psychology. The main aim is to help you shape your mindset and gear it up for better trading experiences. The weekly tips are only posted on the app. You can download the app on Google Playstore and make sure that your device allows push notifications to be notified whenever a new weekly tip on Forex trading psychology to improve your trading is posted. Thank you so much for stopping by.

I really hope that this post added some value in your trading journey. To help me reach out to more people who may be in need of this content, kindly share this post and subscribe for future publications. Keep well, wear that mask, wash your hands, practice social distancing, sanitise and stay safe.

3 Ways To Avoid Margin Call In Forex

3 Ways To Avoid Margin Call In Forex

What Is Margin Call?

Margin call: When your trading account does not have enough funds to sustain open losing trades. The broker will then close all your positions automatically one by one until the account shuts down completely. You could have an account with a $5 000 balance but still end up with an account with zero balance in an instant. It happened to me, you can read all about it Here.

Forex trading can deceptively appear as the easiest thing ever whereby one only needs a cellphone and technical indicators to confirm some lines and that’s it. Because of that notion, most people are venturing into Forex with high expectations to profit from it but not enough information of what is really needed from them. One has to be a realist and know their abilities and limitations when it comes to Forex. Fortunately though, it is a skill that anyone can learn, as long as there’s willingness.

One of the most painful things a trader can experience is margin call. Majority of Forex traders have had this unpleasant experience, yours truly included. That experience does not only leave you shocked but extremely ashamed and embarrassed. Below are the 3 ways to avoid margin call.

1. Mind Your Margins

Having a live trading account with no clue of what a margin is, was my biggest downfall. Knowing all the other details on my platform, like the balance (which is really not that important now that I am well-informed) neglecting what I now think is the most important part, your margin, free margin & margin level. You don’t want to deplete your free margin because that’s what gets your account to margin call. Know what gets allocated to each trade. That is golden information that you need to understand the most.

2. Avoid Bigger Lot Size

There is absolutely nothing wrong with trading a bigger lot size as long as your account can handle it. In fact, in Forex trading, size does matter. A bigger lot size allows you to make bigger profits (and bigger everything else such as losses, which is something that can be controlled with the right coaching and mindset)

Knowing whether your account can handle it or not, lies in the margin for each lot size that you trade. This is the part that I emphasise the most in my private coaching, as I believe it forms a bigger part of money management. I also try by all means to simplify this in a way that makes it easier for my mentees to understand it like a business cost without bombarding them with lot size calculators and a whole lot of complicated systems. I am a simple girl who believes in simplicity.

3. Avoid multiple trades

Because most people do not have a clue of what really causes margin call ( I think I have tried to explain that and I hope you now have a slight idea) they usually just open as many trades as possible hoping to maximise the chances of making more profits. Opening more trades simply means that you’ll use more margin and increase the chances of depleting your free margin which will eventually lead to margin call, should those trades go to bigger losses.

No matter how good your trading strategy is, if your money is not well managed, you are playing a losing game. The last point that I want to get across is that the internet is your main tool in Forex trading. You cannot really do much without good connection. The markets do not care if your internet is slow. If you have live trades, be sure you have good internet connection especially if you are a day trader. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you find this post valuable. If you do, kindly share with your peers so it can reach as many people as possible who are looking for practical Forex tips.

Forex Trader Vs Forex Gambler

Forex Trader Vs Forex Gambler

There’s a thin line between trading and just gambling

The statement above can be very true for many people. It was also very true for me too for so many years. It is very easy to adopt a gambler’s mentality when trading the financial markets, especially when you are expecting trading to be exciting and you are viewing it as some cash slot machine. How you view your trading account makes all the difference and has an impact in your performance. There are a number of contributing factors which may lead a Forex trader into becoming just one more gambler without even being aware. On this post, I want to focus on this one big factor listed below.

Trading psychology

From the day a Forex trader decides to go from a demo to a live account, things change in so many ways. The trades that they do become emotion based instead of logic based. They become indecisive about so many things, like when to take profits, or when to cut the losses and whether to enter the market or not. If you start to feel like that, you have just discovered the effects of trading psychology. It is just a phase that is likely to pass if you really want it to pass. What you do after that, will determine whether you’ll succeed or you’ll become a gambler.

How does this affect your trading?

It actually clouds your judgement. There are two most important emotions that I am sure every trader has experienced in their trading career, these two are:

  • Fear
  • Greed


Fear can either cause you not to place a trade even when opportunities are plenty in the market, or it can make to you to close good running trades prematurely without giving them a chance to actually be profitable, and it can also cause you to hold on to a losing trade even when there is no hope for that particular trade, for the fear of being a loser. As long as one stays in the market, this emotion will at some point affect them. We all go through it at some stage of our trading journey or career.

The good news though is that it does get better with time. Actually, it does disappear completely. Think of the first time you had to be in the car driving alone and think of yourself now when driving alone. The fear that you had is no longer there. But if you stopped driving on that first day just because you became too scared and you ended up crashing your car, you would not be as experienced today. What made you become better was the fact that you never stopped driving and you faced your fears head on. That gave you strength to keep on trying and improving. You did not park your car and go back to public transport. It’s not just driving, there are so many other situations when you had fear and today you are a master in that area of your life simply because you did not give up.


Greed is the most dangerous zone, you don’t want to find yourself here. This emotion can cause you to take trades that are too risky with an aim to score big or to make massive profits in a short space of time or it can also be just about trying to appear clever and impress the crowd or even to be seen as the best. Greed can also make you to not close winning trades hoping that you can still make more out of them.

This emotion causes a trader never to be satisfied even when they make profits. They keep on holding on to a trade until they sometimes find themselves on the wrong side of the markets. When they are finally on the wrong side of the markets, they want to trade even more by opening more trades in the opposite direction to make up for a loss.

The good news again is that this emotion can be dealt with effectively as long as you are willing to put in the work that is needed. A good mentor/ coach is able to assist with such issues. I work together with my mentees to help them deal with these issues and I have had successful cases (but only where there was willingness and commitment from a mentee) Should you need private lessons, mentorship and coaching, you can enrol here.

Just like any other business whether online or offline, risk becomes part of it, but it should be a calculated risk because if it is not, it can eventually lead to the business closure. In closing, we can all be profitable traders as long as we understand that we never lose but learn, and we focus more on being consistent and getting it right because by getting it right, the profits start pouring eventually. Thank you for stopping by. If you find value in this post, kindly share with your peers and subscribe for weekly publications. You can also download the App on Google Playstore for a quick read and weekly tips which are only posted on the App.

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