Non-Farm Payrolls 2021 Dates

Non-Farm Payrolls 2021 Dates

What Is Non-Farm Payrolls?

Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP) is all about the number of jobs that the United States of America creates on a monthly basis. The stats are compared to the previous month and are released every first Friday of the month. There’s more to these stats though as we also have to look at the quality of jobs that were created. Those stats exclude the farming industry, hence it is called the non-farm payrolls. The first one was released at 3:30pm S.A time.

Why Is Non-Farm Payrolls Important?

Yay!! We’ve Made It -Gratitude

Yay!! We’ve Made It -Gratitude

Good Bye 2020, What A Year It Has Been

Hello readers & subscribers. If you recently subscribed to this blog, you’ve probably noticed that you haven’t received any new weekly publications (2020 has been hectic & overwhelming). If you just stumbled upon this blog, welcome, please do subscribe. The year 2020 has been rough for most of us. I know that in the beginning of each year, most of us have our plans drafted and how we would like to start a new year, we have our goals and we are usually looking forward to a new year. 2020 was no different, we had plans and goals. Some of the goals were reached and some weren’t. Some of the plans had to be halted or adjusted. A lot of people lost their lives, their job, businesses and livelihoods. There’s still a lot to be grateful for though. Having an opportunity to read this post, calls for gratitude just for being alive.

Desperation Left So Many People Vulnerable

There’s been a lot of financial uncertainties due to the struggling economies. A lot of people started to look for alternative ways to make money. Forex trading became one of those alternative ways. Most people started to hunt for online investment opportunities. Scammers have been having a “feast” with more people getting vulnerable for the fear of losing their businesses or jobs. It is unfortunate that even those who lost their jobs had to lose all their life savings from joining all these Forex “investments” scam companies that promised them higher returns with zero efforts. I must say that the FSCA has been doing a great job in investigating and shutting these companies down. Unfortunately, the losses may never be recovered. I also published a blogpost warning potential investors about Forex scams being on the rise since the Covid-19 pandemic. You may also like to learn how to verify any financial service provider, if they are authorized to offer investments packages to the public, check that information HERE, for the safety of of your funds.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for reading my posts, I thank you for subscribing, I thank you for sharing my work, I thank you for downloading my App, I thank you for listening and following my Podcast and I thank you for enrolling for my private lessons, mentorship & coaching. (WhatsApp +27 78 144 6851 for available special offers on private lessons, learning how to trade for yourself is the best option). The plan was to publish at least 50 articles in 2020, I only managed to publish 31 articles. I am grateful for being able to do that under these circumstances.

Take Care

Please take care of yourselves, stay safe and wear your mask. I wish you a happy and a prosperous new year, not forgetting good health. May all your 2021 plans and dreams come to fruition. Let’s cross over safely and continue to dream and dream big. Remember, you are BLESSED & UNSTOPABLE. Cheers, till we meet again in 2021.

Male Vs Female Traders

Male Vs Female Traders

Today’s article was triggered by a study that I recently conducted among my followers, but mostly my mentees. I know that the study was not done among thousands of traders. This is not a conclusion or a fact, but rather what I have observed as an individual.

Why is there a few of us (female trader

As the years progressed, I have seen an increase in numbers of women who are interested in learning more about the financial markets. It excites me, this has been a zone filled with men for such a long time and a very lonely one for us (women). As a female trader myself, I still come across people who think I cannot excel in this simply because I am a woman. Some people will even go as far as saying things like “We thought you were just blogging and there’s a man behind all this great work that you do”. In short, I still get undermined by men in this field and also by fellow women. This post is not about putting men or women in a certain box on how they should behave or how they act. It is also not about who does it better between men and women in trading. This is just my observation (I just got tempted to use my favorite word “Nje”). This is just my own observations.

What I have noticed about male traders

My mentees are so gonna kill me. I might as well just hide after this post. But again, they know how much I love them and how I am always straight forward with them.

  • Most of them were a bit skeptical in the beginning just before they enrolled for my private lessons. The fact that I am a woman is still an issue for some (not all of them though)
  • When they finally enroll for my private lessons & mentorship, there’s something that they mostly struggle with. They hate to admit when they are wrong and therefore take longer to realize that they are actually in a bad trade and they need to do something about it. They love being right or correct all the time.
  • They are likely to ignore my teachings and just do their own thing. This is simply because men are not like us. We like to hide stuff from our friends for the fear of being talked about. We love to keep to ourselves and never share everything with our friends. Most men are likely to share with their homeboys and play around with different strategies and take tips from friends (which usually ends in huge losses). They can hardly focus on one strategy.
  • They mostly have that urge to want to trade even when there aren’t really any trading opportunities
  • Just like most guys love speedy cars, most of them do love speedy profits as well. Higher lot sizes that cannot be handled by their accounts are their biggest challenge. They are mostly chasing quick results and sometimes I may appear too conservative for their liking. They have a general lack of patience (not all of them)
  • They struggle to communicate effectively with their mentor (me) and they are mostly too shy to cry out for help.
  • They prefer to sit in their corner and drown in losses instead of asking for help. Mostly, I only find out when the mess is too big that they actually messed up. That is one thing that delays their progress. Slowly, but surely, they are coming to the “party” and as a mentor I think I am winning.
  • Their bravery can sometimes be their demise.

What I have observed about us (female traders)

There’s something about us and patience. We can be extremely patient and understand that things may take longer to materialize. When women enroll for my private lessons, they mostly speak the same language. They talk about how they are willing to nurture their accounts and grow them from strength to strength. They also do love the fact that I won’t teach them to trade the whole day and night. They love the fact that they’ll still be able to take care of their families, go to work and pursue their other interests while trading the financial markets. You know what I love the most about women traders? We are not interested in letting all our friends know what we are up to. That is one thing that we do best. Some of us learned the hard way and decided never to announce our plans to our friends. Here are some of the things that I have observed about  most female traders.

  • They usually do not believe that they can actually be the best
  • They question and undermine their own intelligence a lot
  • They are too careful and it makes them to doubt their decisions for the fear of losing money. They cannot separate being careful and being too scared.
  • They are likely to move slower than they should. They feel more than they do. But they are likely to be more sustainable than male traders.
  • They are likely to stick to my teachings because no one in their circle really knows that they are also trading, therefore they hardly join trading groups or take tips from outside sources. They do not have that kind of pressure that men are mostly exposed to. That on its own has contributed to their success rate and how they manage to keep it real.
  • They do not have that urge to trade every hour (well, most of them)
  • They are likely to keep the profits because it is in our nature to care and nurture anything
  • They are not about doubling accounts every second day, they are more about growth month after month.

I almost forgot to tell you about these women under my mentorship, I have found sisters in them. We share more than what actually brought us together. It is also the case with the guys, we have that brotherly/sisterly relationship and great friendships. OK, back to my wishes now.

If I could cut and paste

My wish is for male traders to think like men, be more patient and trade like women. My wish for female traders is for them to have a little dose of bravery (not all of it, just a little) have more confidence and trade like women. Did I just say female traders are better traders than male traders? YOH! I don’t know. What do you think? Remember these were just my own observations from my group of traders. What’s your thought? I would like to hear, kindly leave a comment. I thought I should just pop in and have a long chat with you, nothing serious but just a chat on what I have observed. This post is not for education purposes, it was just a chat. Also note that not all men or women are as described. Maybe, just maybe learning from a women will make a difference. Thank you for stopping by.

I recently started a podcast not only because I love talking (Of course I love talking, I really do) but because I thought it will also be another great and awesome way to share my message and also to put the voice behind all this writing that I’ve been doing here. As a teacher/mentor & coach, I have learned through my mentees that some people get the message better through listening than reading. Check it out HERE. You can also download the App where I post weekly tips on trading psychology and also to have this blog right at your fingertips.

New Channel Announcement

New Channel Announcement

A Warm Welcome

Hello amazing readers and subscribers, it’s good to have you here. If you just stumbled upon this blog, a warm welcome to you as well. Please feel free to subscribe for future publications. Locate a subscribe button on the sidebar, add your email address, click on subscribe and an email will be sent to your mailbox (could lend on spam/junk folder). Open the email and confirm by clicking the link. Please be assured that your email address will never be used for spam emails but only for notifying you of a new publication whenever there’s one.

What channel and why?

A few years ago in 2013, I decided to start this blog to share my trading experiences and also to share realistic and practical Forex trading tips that I believe anyone can use. I must say, I never expected so much growth in terms of getting my message across. It has been a great pleasure to be able to change people’s mindsets and how they view Forex trading through this blog. I am totally grateful to you as well for subscribing, reading and sharing the blog posts. You have played a big role in growing this blog. I am forever grateful.

I have started a podcast not only because I love talking (Of course I love talking, I really do) but because I thought it will also be another great and awesome way to share my message and also to put the voice behind all this writing that I’ve been doing here. As a teacher/mentor & coach, I have learned through my mentees that some people get the message better through listening than reading.

What Will The Podcast Focus On?

The podcast is to tell you more about my personal journey, who I am and why do I do what I do. You can listen to the podcast introduction HERE. The main aim of it is to help new traders to understand more about Forex trading and also just to learn from my personal mistakes that I will be sharing. It is not only for new traders, but for anyone who have ever found valuable information from this blog. I have already shared some of the mistakes that most traders are likely to make. You can listen to the episode HERE and kindly follow/subscribe for future episodes. Thank you so much for stopping by and happy trading.

How To Verify Brokers On FSCA

How To Verify Brokers On FSCA

Who Is FSCA?

FSCA : Financial Sector Conduct Authority formerly known as Financial Services Board (FSB) is the regulatory body of financial institutions that provide financial services and offer financial products. These institutions include banks, insurers, market infrastructures and retirement funds/administrators. They are all licenced in terms of the financial sector law.

What Is The Main Responsibility of FSCA?

The FSCA supervises and regulates the conduct of financial institutions. They also help to protect the financial customers by ensuring that they get fair treatment from financial institutions. Their mandate is to enhance, maintain and support the efficiency and integrity of the financial markets. The FSCA also provides financial education and issues warning statements about financial institutions that are under investigations or have their licence withdrawn etc. You can read all about their media release on their website HERE, who knows, you might just see your current financial institution on the news. Those financial services who are treating customers unfairly and breaking the law, are severely dealt with.

Why This Blog Post?

Sometime last week, a story broke out about how the Minister of Finance said Forex trading is illegal in South Africa (which was clearly incorrect information/fake news). From the comments that I was reading online regarding the story, I realised that most people are not aware that they have rights and access to call and verify any financial markets related news with the regulatory body. I obviously did that and spoke to them and they confirmed that if there’s any news like that, it would have been on their website since they are the one who regulate the industry.

It also didn’t make any sense to have a whole minister of finance talking to a newspaper publication about illegalizing Forex trading before speaking to the regulators. I also get a lot of emails, WhatsApp texts and other social media inboxes from people who are scammed by companies simply because they had no information on how to check if those companies are authorized to offer Forex and other types of investments. I then decided to post this information here to educate more people about FSCA because sharing information is my calling. I am hoping that you’ll be kind enough to help me spread this information to as many people as possible because it might save lives. Below are the instructions on how to check if your Forex broker or any other financial institution is authorised to offer the services that they currently offer. Go to the official FSCA website by clicking HERE and follow the steps below.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9


For the safety of your funds, never trade with an unauthorized broker or give your money to any unauthorised institution or individual, even if they show you their FSP number, always confirm and verify with FSCA if they are authorised to handle public funds. Most Forex Brokers or companies are offering services that they are not authorised to offer. On the last step (step 9) click on here and you’ll find more information on the products. To get to “here” you can click on “key individuals”. If anything confuses you about the products, you can call FSCA or email them.

The broker that I used for demonstration, is one of the brokers that I trade with. I also wrote a review on them. You can check out the review post HERE and if you wish to open an account with them, you’ll find a link on that post and feel free to WhatsApp me for assistance should you get stuck (WhatsApp details at the bottom of this post). Some brokers are trading under a different name. If that is the case, the information should be on the broker’s website and you can still get the FSP number from the website and verify it, the name that they trade under, will definitely show up when you check their FSP number.

I wrote another review on one of the biggest brokers who are also trading under a different name. You can view the post HERE and if you wish to open an account with them, there’s a link on the post to register. I personally trade with both brokers. I hope you found some value in this post. Kindly help me to reach out to as many people as possible by sharing it. Thank you for stopping by and please stay safe. Don’t forget to download the App on Google Playstore to have this content at your fingertips

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