You’ve decided that Forex Trading is for you, but now you are on the service provider sourcing stage. This CM Trading review is meant to equip you in making an informed decision about this forex broker. I have used CM Trading for almost a decade, therefore do rest assured that this is not just a […]

Thank You For Sticking Around In 2018

Gratitude Goes A Long Way   Hello readers, hello subscribers. I can’t believe I’m writing my last blog post of the year. I have said this before that anyone who blogs does it for the readers. The aim of blogging is to share information with those who might need it. If I was blogging for myself, […]

How To Make Forex Trading Learning Process Easier

Make Forex Trading to work for you, simplify everything Hi, welcome back. If it is your first time here or you just stumbled upon this blog, you are welcome to subscribe for future posts (hopefully you’ll love this particular post). Today I want to talk about how you can make your Forex trading career less stressful […]

Private Forex Coaching

Are you looking for Private Forex Coaching? Forex Trading seems impossible at first. The charts alone can be intimidating, and make one’s head to spin. Add to that the strange language about spreads, buy, sell (buy and sell what, exactly?), hold, economic news etc. Fortunately though, like everything else – forex trading can be learned. […]

How To Regain Your Confidence After A Draw-Down

How to regain your confidence after a draw-down Draw-down: A decline in an investment or fund, let’s assume you start your account with $1000 and you lose about $100, that is a 10% draw-down (which is acceptable in my books, because you can recover it back). Being disciplined is one of the major challenges that […]