The most common Forex terms: Forex trading terminology: Have you ever felt like you are in another country and everyone is talking foreign whenever you meet Forex traders and they start throwing the jargon all over the place, they can make you feel out-of-place I know, but do not worry, not anymore, I am here to […]

How To Regain Your Confidence After A Draw-Down

How to regain your confidence after a draw-down Draw-down: A decline in an investment or fund, let’s assume you start your account with $1000 and you lose about $100, that is a 10% draw-down (which is acceptable in my books, because you can recover it back). Being disciplined is one of the major challenges that […]


  New Zealand Dollar/NZD Nickname : Kiwi NZD= R10.85 to the south African Rand New Zealand Dollar is a commodity currency. NZD trades in high volumes during Asian session. Central Bank Interest Rates: 2.50% (recently changed from 2.75%) New Zealand (NZD) has the highest interest rates.   When you are holding a BUY position of […]

My Forex Trading Story

Never attempt trading without knowledge I did not just arrive but I started somewhere, somewhere not fun at all, and ooh!!  I haven’t even arrived yet, I am still very far from where I want to be. From the past few years that I’ve been trading Forex I struggled a lot when it comes to reading […]


Welcome back, thank you for being here, if it is your first time reading my post, welcome and I hope you enjoy and hopefully you’ll come visit again. Today it is all about the Forex trading FAQs, the questions I compiled here are from  day-to-day questions that I get from real people. FOREX TRADING FAQs […]


How to partially close a trade on mt4  Welcome back to my blog, thank you for being here. Today I am going to share a trick, I never knew it was possible until I did it myself. This is not a ticket to gambling or trading bigger lot size hoping you will close it partially, […]


What are the top reasons Forex traders fail: That is a trillion dollar question and yet the answer lies in the simplest changes we can implement as Forex traders. There are so many factors that contribute to the high statistics of failure among Forex traders, just to name the few top reasons Forex traders fail, […]

How To Trade Stock Index

How to trade Stock Indices Have you ever wondered what is all the other stuff that you keep seeing on your Mt4 Trading platform? Well let me educate you a little about the joys of trading, you can trade many other things other than your major currencies. Maybe up to now you thought trading stocks […]

How To Trade Gold And USD

How Does Gold Relate To Currencies: Just a short article on Gold, (Xau) One thing I love about financial markets is that there is so much that one can trade except for the major currencies, traders can find what works for them, take for instance S&P500 and Dow Jones, those two are highly correlated, when […]