Non-Farm Payrolls 2020 Dates

Non Farm Payrolls (NFP) is the most watched economic event in the markets. Non-Farm Payrolls is usually released on the first Friday of the month, 12 months a year and it is all about the number of jobs created during the previous month as compared to the current month. The stats exclude the farming industry hence it’s called the Non-Farm Payrolls.

Why Do Traders Care?

Job creation is an important indicator of consumer spending. It accounts for the majority of overall economic activity. When Non-Farm Payrolls stats are greater than expected, that is viewed as good for currency (USD) and an indication that the economy is doing well. When the stats are below expected, that is viewed as bad for currency(USD) and an indication that the economy is not doing so well.

Trading the news is not just straight forward whereby we buy when the results are above and sell when they are below. There are some other factors to consider. If you need to learn more about news trading, feel free to contact me. I have a course designed for someone who would like to learn.

Thank you for stopping by. As part of helping you with planning, I will publish the annual schedules of the most watched economic news, kindly subscribe so that you may not miss any of those publications. In case you missed my first blog post of 2020 about how to plan for your trading year, you can read it here. Below is the Non-Farm Payrolls annual schedule. Kindly share this post with your peers and subscribe . Cheers, till next time…

Non-Farm Payrolls 2020 dates

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