3 Easy Steps To Profitable Forex Trading

OK, this is it. I am honestly tired of seeing posts on the net about amazing Forex trading robots or systems. After trading for so many years, I can tell you that there’s no magic pill that would make anyone successful in Forex trading. I’ve spent some years looking for it and I know there’s no such.

Forex trading is an activity that needs focused human beings and it requires those who participate in it to have a well checked mindset. If you are struggling with discipline, you might need a coach to help you overcome that challenge. You can check out my private coaching services HERE.

The 3 steps that I am going to share are not about any best Forex trading strategy or system. If you’ve read my blog posts before, you probably know that I don’t do write ups on Forex trading strategies. The 3 steps are about our mindsets. I am a strong believer of winning in the mind first.

Step 1 #Mind your personality and your lifestyle, know if this is for you

I always emphasize that in everything that we do, we should never overlook our personalities. Some people find it hard to grow in their careers or businesses simply because they ignored their personalities and as a result, they become so miserable and stuck.

Just like any other skill, Forex trading needs someone who can commit and understand that they have to do the work and it won’t take 2 days to master it. There’s no one way to trade the markets, but there’s absolutely that one way that can suit your personality and your lifestyle. Choose a method that will work for you. If you aren’t even sure about how to choose or know which one will suit you, WhatsApp +27 76 966 9392 for a quick chat/ free assessment. You may also like to know why do I trade the way that I do. It could be the method that can suit you.

Step 2 #Be available

Once you have decided that you want to invest your money in Forex, you must be available for the process, otherwise it’s not gonna happen or work for you. You must love the process because it is definitely going to be a process (everything in life is a process anyway).

If you don’t love the process, you are likely to give up. Those who are seeing great results are those who keep on doing and doing until they can’t get it wrong. It is impossible to keep on doing something that you are not enjoying or loving. So, by all means, fall in love with the process.

Step 3 #Have a plan and stick to it

Having a plan starts with knowing why you are even trading. Is it for an extra income or a long-term investment? Whatever you choose it to be, you still need to know how you are going to reach your goal. Drafting a plan is not so difficult, we can all just draft a nice plan.

Following and sticking to it can be a bit challenging. It shouldn’t be the case though. I have already shared the other 2 steps. Your task is to see how you can use the other 2 steps mentioned above to get to this last step where you are now sticking to your own plan and trade happily & profitably ever after. It is possible and you still find it difficult, you definitely need a coach, someone who will hold you by the hand and do this with you. Do contact me.

Thank you for stopping by. If by any chance you found this post valuable, kindly share with your peers using the share buttons on the side bar. Stay tuned for more practical tips and happy trading.

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