European Central Bank Interest Rates 2019 Dates

About European Central Bank (ECB)

Bank Rate: 0.00%

President : Mario Draghi

Headquarters: Frankfurt , Germany

ECB’s President Mario Draghi started to serve as a President since November 2011 and previously served as the Governor of Bank of Italy from 2005 to 2011. He was also a Chairman of the Financial Stability Board from 2009 to 2011.

What is European Central Bank ECB?

ECB is the Central Bank for the EURO and it administers Monetary Policy of the Euro Zone, which consists of 19 E.U member states. European Central Bank (ECB) press conference is held 8 times a year about 45 minutes after the Interest Rates decision is announced. It is also called the Interest Rate Statement. The conference is about an hour long and  has two parts. First part is when the actual statement is read and the second part is opened for questions which then lead to the market volatility.

What are the tasks  and objections of European Central Bank?

The tasks are to maintain Monetary Policy for the Euro, including the banking supervision. Their main objective is to maintain the price stability and to safeguard the value of Euro.

Why is the European Central Bank statement important?

It is the leading indicator that provides the clues about the future Monetary Policy. High Volatility is often expected during the press conference and it has a direct impact on Euro pairs (I know for sure that my mentees and I are always looking forward to this one).

It’s been a while since ECB made some changes on their Interest Rates. The last time they changed was on March 2016 when they cut their Interest Rates from 0.05% down to 0.00%. Again on the 24th of January, they are expect to hold steady at 0.00%. The main focus is on what they are going to do next. Trading the Interest Rates is not only about the actual figures, but a lot more about the Central Bank’s next move on their Rates. We look out for either a hawkish or a dovish statement.

As promised, I will be publishing all significant economic news and provide their annual schedule for proper planning. Thank you for stopping by. Below is the European Central Bank’s annual schedule. Please kindly share this post.

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