Non Farm Payrolls

Non Farm Payrolls 2019 Dates

Non Farm Payrolls 2019 Dates  

Hello readers, welcome back. It’s a new year, new vision & improved discipline (hopefully so) for some traders who closed their trading books on a negative in 2018 because of a lack of self control. The good thing is, 2019 is giving you another chance to do better, you can always do better as long as you are willing.

What is Non Farm Payrolls?

Non-Farm Payrolls also known as U.S Employment change/NFP is one of the leading indicators in the Forex market. NFP focuses on the number of jobs that are created or lost in the current month, and that excludes farm/agricultural workers hence the name Non-Farm Payrolls. We (traders) look for that small change or shift in the figure released as compared to the previous month. Because NFP is released every first Friday of each month, there are previous and also forecast/expected figures. When the figure comes out above forecast, it means more jobs were created (excluding farm workers) and the market perceives that as good for currency involved (USD), and when it comes out below forecast, the opposite is perceived. There are other factors to be considered during NFP, it is not just about the figures. NFP is the most watched economic event of the month. During this period, the market becomes too volatile. NFP is also a leading indicator in determining the U.S economic growth and inflation

We are kick starting our year with U.S Non Farm Payrolls stats which will be released on the 4th of January. I am still trying to gear up for a new year. I hope I will feel less festive after this first publication, I am still a bit hung up on the holidays. I am re-opening on the 15th of January for private lessons & mentorship, see detailed information and enrollment information HERE. Below is the annual schedule for Non Farm Payrolls. 

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