Thank You For Sticking Around In 2018

Thank You For Sticking Around In 2018

Gratitude Goes A Long Way  

Hello readers, hello subscribers. I can’t believe I’m writing my last blog post of the year. I have said this before that anyone who blogs does it for the readers. The aim of blogging is to share information with those who might need it. If I was blogging for myself, I would have posted all these blog posts on my wall or under my mattress *smiles* (not the FB wall but the actual wall at home in my bedroom where access is limited)

I decided to write this post to extend my gratitude. Thank you for hanging out on this blog. Thank you for giving me a chance to share my past mistakes with you. I have tried to keep the content on this blog as practical as possible. Most of the tips that I shared are not from researched information but are from my own experiences.

I know the tips have assisted a lot of people and most people have since changed how they view Forex trading. I have also tried to answer the frequently asked questions like how much trading Capital one  can start with. I have shared tips on how to trade for a monthly income. I also get a lot of questions about whether it is a good idea to quit your job to trade Forex, I have shared some insights on this topic as well, you can check this post HERE. Some people just wanted to know if Forex trading is legal in South Africa. 

I haven’t posted much lately. If you subscribed recently, I know you haven’t received weekly posts consistently. I promise to come back in 2019 to share more tips. Thank you for subscribing, thank you for reading and sharing my posts. Thank you for referring your friends and thank you for signing up for my private lessons & mentorship. I know I have met most of my mentees from this blog. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you again till we meet again in 2019 with more practical tips and weekly economic news updates. May you all have a blessed festive season and please do stay safe. If you are in South Africa, kindly stay away from the “Idibala” dance on the road, hahaha. Cheers guys.

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