How To Choose A Trading Strategy That Suits Your Personality

Why Is It A Must To Choose A Trading Strategy That Suits You?

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Today I want to talk about something that might be your biggest downfall. We are mostly introduced to Forex Trading through social media where we are invited to some seminar. Forex seminars are all about introducing us to the idea and not really about the realities of trading. Most of us just dived in without understanding what is expected from us or what to expect except the money making part.

There’s one Forex market and  thousands of ways to trade it. There is no one way to trade the markets but there’s definitely that one trading strategy that suits your lifestyle and personality. I am all about sharing my own experiences and practical solutions/tips that will help to improve your trading no matter how you choose to trade. But since I am the author here, I will refer a lot to how I personally trade and how it has made my life easier. Of course this has everything to do with me choosing a trading strategy that suits my lifestyle and personality.

Do you know the kind of person that you are?

You cannot separate yourself from being a trader. There’s only one you. Your personality plays a big role in how you’ll perform with your trading. I have been trading for so many years and I have tried lots of methods which in the end were not really accommodating my lifestyle and personality and that led to frustrations. When I finally found the one trading strategy that suits my personality, I never looked back. When I decided to offer my coaching services, I knew I had to cater for the individuals who are also like me. Read more about my private mentorship HERE.

Mind your lifestyle and personality

Let’s say you are a trader who also has a 9-5 job, a business or still studying. Clearly you cannot afford to stay up all night babysitting your trades. You really need to consider a trading strategy that will not require you to stay up all night, or a trading strategy that will not require you to stay glued to your trades the whole day. You definitely need a good night sleep for you to be able to concentrate in class, function/perform well in your job or business. It makes perfect sense right? These are the people that I cater for, the people who are like me. We want to trade but we also do not want to be consumed by it as we also have a life to live. Not everyone is like us though. All I am saying is, you need to look at your lifestyle and your personality. If how you trade right now is not accommodating those two, you are probably feeling miserable already, hence you need to re-think your plan.

This post is not about which trading strategy works and which one doesn’t. I don’t know how you trade and I am not here to tell you how you should trade. It is all about whether you can work with your chosen trading strategy or not. Does is suit your lifestyle or not? Does is accommodate your personality or not? If it doesn’t, the time to change is now. No matter how great that trading strategy can be, if it doesn’t accommodate you and your needs, then you shouldn’t use it.

A great example of this would be someone who wants to trade all day at random times, that person cannot juggle a job, school, business, parenthood plus trading, remember there’s only one you. That person cannot survive trading with me because as mentioned above, my method works better for someone who wants to have a life apart from trading.  Finding out should not be a challenge. Just ask yourself these two questions. Does it suit your lifestyle and does it accommodate your personality? If it does, you’ve won the first battle and the next step would be to practice it over and over again without breaking until you cannot get it wrong.

To me, it makes no sense to switch from one strategy to another while overlooking your lifestyle and personality. How are you going to master something that makes you so miserable? Before I decided to consider my lifestyle, I was always so grumpy my son even said I control the mood in the house. If you are keen in knowing how I stopped all the chaos and drama that was going on in my life at that time, you may like to read this post HERE. These are the tips that you can use to make your own trading less challenging. Thank you for stopping by. I hope this helps. If you think it does, it means more people need to see it. Please kindly share with your peers.

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