Another Great Year- Farewell 2017

Another Great Year- Farewell 2017

Thank you for being part of my journey  in 2017

I cannot believe I am here again writing my last blog post of 2017. Reflecting back to 2017, I must say, it has been an interesting year in the markets. I am officially off the markets until the 15th of January 2018. We all need to rest, the markets will still be here even next year. My brain needs some rest. I think I overworked it this year (I am not promising not to do the same next year)
When 2017 started, I had decided that I would only do private lessons & mentorship until the end of June 2017. Here I am, announcing my next course which will commence on the 15th of January 2018. This was due to high demand. Every time I wanted to stop, I got more people wanting to learn how to trade, and they all wanted to learn from me. So, the mentorship is still ongoing until further notice. To be honest,  I am also in love with what I do, and the passion I have for the markets would never allow me to just sit back, not to mention the people that I meet along the way, the experience is just priceless. I have learned a lot about myself, my abilities and also about different types of learning styles from the individuals that I have taught and mentored. If you need to know more about it, you can check this page HERE. Well, enough about mentorship. I am here to express my gratitude. Some may think, I am just being dramatic, why such a post? To me, gratitude goes a long way. Ask anyone who has a blog how it feels to put content out there with no one to read or share it. If you get to the point where you have some readers, to me, that is a big deal.

Thank you so much for subscribing to my blog. A blog is only functional when it has readers. A blogger is more encouraged to blog more if the blog posts have some readers, shares, and engagements. I am thankful to have you here. Thank you for all your shares, your comments, and all your recommendations. I am not a professional writer (I am sure you can tell by how I write, but I am glad I managed to get the message across) I am just a girl who loves what she does and decided to create a platform where she can share with those who might be in need of some realistic and practical information. Be warned though, there’s too much reading ahead (hoping you have data)

Sometimes I get emails, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn and FB messages from people who are accusing me of keeping them hostage with all this hyperlinking that takes them to the next awesome post. One guy stayed up the whole night, just reading (he told me that). All these people are not complaining though, they are just grateful nje (guys I can hardly finish a sentence without “nje”) This is my last blog post, so please kindly allow me to use my favorite word, pretty please (smiles).

OK, from the beginning of the year, I have been preaching about consistency and I even wrote a few blog posts, sharing some tips. If you just stumbled upon this blog and you recently subscribed, all you have received lately was the weekly economic news. You might have missed a lot of blog posts that might be of great use to you. Maybe you are now thinking about starting your live account but you are not sure how to go about it in terms of choosing a suitable broker, read this post and choose your broker from FSB regulated brokers (for the safety of your funds) HERE. Talking about brokers, this broker is offering nice Christmas gifts in a form of Gift vouchers of up to R5000 that can be used at TakeaLot to purchase anything. You can check out their special HERE


If you have opened a live account already but you are not sure of how much you can start with, this blog post is just for you HERE. You can also find some tips on how to grow your account on a month to month basis from that post. You have your own goals in terms of how much you’d want to make in your trading account on a monthly basis, but is it practical or even realistic? Visit this post HERE to learn more about setting your monthly, weekly or even daily targets. You might also like to read about the success rate in Forex trading so you can also position yourself in a way that will put you among the successful ones, read this post HERE. OK, about whether we can really trade for a monthly income or if it is even possible, read all about it HERE.


The most popular question that I always get from people who have just heard about Forex trading and are fired up from that seminar, and they are now thinking that they can just fire their boss right away, drop out of school or neglect their businesses to pursue Forex trading, before you do all that, you might want to read this post HERE.
If you have been trading with a broker that does not offer a USD debit card (those are very convenient in terms of withdrawals, they process faster) You can Whatsapp me on +27 76 966 9392 or +27 64 510 4132, I will tell you more about the convenience of having a USD debit card. Or, you can just check this page HERE.


I wish each and every one of you happy holidays and a prosperous new year, please do take that break and rest. Please take care of yourselves, have fun (do not lose your eyes nje, there’s more to look forward to in 2018, in terms of all the tips that I always share here, you’ll need both your eyes to read akere).
I am looking forward to sharing more tips with you next year. Tips that can be used by anyone, even if you might not really like my method of trading, speaking of that, do read about how I trade HERE, and who knows, it might be what you’ve been looking for all along.


Happy holidays
I have mega love for all of you
Thank you for your support
Till we meet again next year. Same place, same realistic and practical tips and same passion


I am off to be awesome somewhere else
Phew! how I wish there were some emojis here
I forgot to tell you, I am also an emoji lover…

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