How To Open Forex Trading Account In South Africa

How To Open Forex Trading Account In South Africa

Open Forex trading account in South Africa with FSB regulated brokers.

I get lot of enquiries from individuals who are searching for how to open a Forex trading account in South Africa. I therefore decided to put together this short post on how to open a Forex trading account in South Africa. Forex trading is the most talked about topic lately. Most people who are active on social media cannot spend a day without seeing the word “Forex”. It seems to be the most popular and lucrative opportunity among those people who are constantly looking for more income streams.

Forex trading provides such opportunity at the comfort of their own homes. Thousands of people are researching about Forex trading on a daily basis. There are also so many blogs/sites that offer free study material to those who would rather find their own way around this field. Some people prefer to pay teachers/mentors who would hold their hand and take them through everything. However you choose to learn, you will need a Forex broker to open your live trading account with, and do this buying and selling transactions.

There are millions of Forex brokers found on the net. These brokers offer different services and as a beginner trader it becomes so difficult to choose a suitable broker for your account size and your needs. Among other things, the Forex broker that you choose must be a registered and regulated financial institution. I personally prefer to trade with Forex brokers who are also regulated from home by our own Financial Services Board (FSB). Most brokers are not local brokers, they are international brokers but they also hold an FSB licence (for the safety of your funds, choose an FSB regulated broker). There are several FSB regulated brokers in South Africa. I profiled a few (I have personal experience with them). Read more about the importance of trading with FSB regulated broker HERE.

To open your live account click HERE . For further assistance you can WhatsApp me on : +27 64 510 4132 or email: with subject line “Live account”.

To open a copycat trading account, click HERE. If you have no idea how copy trading works, read the post HERE. For further assistance on how to set up your live account and get a USD debit card, kindly WhatsApp me on: +27 64 510 4132 or email: with subject line “Live account”. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you found this information valuable. If you did, kindly share with your peers using the social media share buttons below. To receive my weekly posts, you can subscribe to this blog.


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