How To Make Forex Trading Learning Process Easier

Make Forex Trading to work for you, simplify everything

Hi, welcome back. If it is your first time here or you just stumbled upon this blog, you are welcome to subscribe for future posts (hopefully you’ll love this particular post). Today I want to talk about how you can make your Forex trading career less stressful (mine is less stressful because I simplify everything and I do not follow the crowd). Forex trading is all about performance. In any area of our lives, we tend to perform better when we operate from a clear and a sober mind.

You do not get fit just by joining Virgin Active and lazying around at the gym. For you to have that rock hard six pack and a killer flat tummy, you have to work very hard. Going to the same gym does not mean we will all come out with great bodies, only those who are committed to eating clean, drinking water and following all the necessary instructions to attain a great body. You do not jog for only once a month and go for the Comrades Marathon right away, it doesn’t work like that at all. You have to train and exercise for months before the Comrades.  OK, before I lose track, let me stop talking about the gym and great bodies (I am already looking at my scale as I write this, I did drink 2 glasses of water on an empty stomach though, trying to follow instructions as well, let me focus).

Make your Forex trading learning process easy, simplify it

So you enrolled yourself for my private lessons (or any other institution) and you are learning how to trade. Now 4 weeks of learning is over ( with some institutions, it is only 2 days though, post for another day) and you are now required to practice what you have learned. I personally offer mentorship to help a learner to master the skill. That is one of  the most challenging exercises ever, simply because most of the time, learners lose focus by not following the method of trading that I taught. Instead, they start to experiment a lot with other methods (which is not a bad thing at all) but it is bad to experiment with something new when you are still trying to figure out or master the current. The process should be easy: Enroll→ learn→practice→ and go live (start with small lot sizes only after practicing) →Continue to follow your mentor and be coachable (if you have one), learn until you become a master. But the unfortunate part is that most learners want to do things their own way and their process goes like: Enroll→learn→NO practice on what you have learned→listen to friends→exlpore other methods (before you even grasped or understood what you were taught)→disregard your mentor→go live (start with a huge lot size without any practice on demo or whatsoever). 

The biggest mistake that newbies are likely to make is to not follow up on what they have already learned. There is so much information on the net regarding Forex trading, it is really overwhelming and not to mention the fact that everyone claims to have the best strategy than the other. If you do not believe me, go to Google and type Forex, you’ll get millions of sites popping up and they all have a different approach towards the markets. Imagine how confusing that can be to someone who is still trying to learn. There are things that I do not even mention in my class (simply because the method of trading that I use is fundamentally based and has a lot to do with the understanding the economy, central banks and politics and it does not require all those things). If you have never ever heard me talking about Elliot wave theory, RSI or Bollinger bands, Moving Averages, and many other popular methods, do not feel deprived at all. Maybe your mentor has never mentioned any of the things that I talk about the most on this blog, your mentor has never mentioned anything about Central Banks, FOMC, Yellen and all the other things that I mostly talk about (that does not mean he/she is depriving you of some information, we teach what we believe in and what works for us). The success rate will remain low as long as most people’s views of Forex trading are still influenced by what people see from social media which is far from reality mostly.

Is there any solution to the above mentioned?

I believe there is a solution. It worked for me and it works for others even to this date. Learning never stops and reading is good but at some point, reading, research, and learning must be paused and practicing must begin or take over. Did you know that there are people who have been paying one mentor after the other and all they have been doing for the past 5 years is to learn how to trade Forex without ever practicing what they were taught or paid for? If they do practice, they only do it for a week or two and switch to pay another mentor who has the “best strategy”. These people are now a jack of all trading methods but a master of none. Their learning journey is a sad one. Do not be like that. Learn, practice, practice even more and be a master of your craft (simplify things for yourself, it is your money after all).

Two years ago I was shocked to discover that one of my learners went on and unknowingly paid her fellow classmate for mentorship(by fellow classmate I mean the one offering mentorship at a price was not even done with his own training and the other one was not aware that she was learning from an amateur). My lessons are private and I do not train people in groups but as individuals (so yes, they do not know each other). It happens if your keep on learning without practicing, you will end up paying your fellow classmate and for what you already have). I asked one trader if she has made at least 20 trades using what I have taught her, the answer was NO, I only made about 6 trades in 3 weeks. But she has already decided that she is not good enough, what kind of learning is this? Learning is a process, not an event, learning is not about perfection but it is all about messing up and fixing the mess.

To wrap up this post, the saying might sound too old or insignificant or even boring, but it is the truth. Practice makes perfect. Never ever take it lightly. Before I started writing this post, I was too sure it was going to be very short. I am glad I did not even mention anything about keeping it short (I would have lied again) it seems like yours truly does not know how to keep it short. I hope you learned a few things or at least enjoyed reading this post. If you did, kindly share with your peers. If it is not too much to ask, please help to keep this blog going. If you need to open a live account kindly register with one of the recommended FSB regulated brokers using the links provided HERE. For further assistance you can WhatsApp me on: +27 76 966 9392 Or +27 64 510 4132. For paid private lessons (you have to be coachable though) fill in the form below. Your details won’t be seen by the public, they will go straight to my email, alternatively, you can view all details HERE.

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