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Economic news 17 To 21 April

Economic News To Watch This Week

BOJ: Bank Of Japan

BOE: Bank Of England

GDT: Global Dairy Trade

Tentative: No specific time

CPI : Consumer Price Index (learn more about CPI HERE) and get all your 2017  CPI’s dates for  New Zealand, Canada, U.S.A, Australia and UK HERE.

The markets remain open right throughout the year except on Christmas day. The following banks will be closed on the 17th of April in observance of Easter Monday.

  • Swiss Banks:         CHF
  • French banks:        EUR
  • German banks:      EUR
  • Italian banks:         EUR
  • UK banks:             GBP

During bank holidays, a currency involved may experience low liquidity and irregular volatility. Learn more about trading on bank holidays HERE. A few things to know about New Zealand Dollar, it is a commodity currency, along side with other currencies like Canadian Dollar and more. They do their GDT Price Index weekly which  measures the change in the average price of dairy products sold at auction.

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