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Retail and Core Retail Sales Dates-2017

Retail and Core Retail Sales Dates-2017

Welcome back. I made a promise to publish all important economic news and the dates at which they’ll be released in 2017. This is going to assist you to be more organised by knowing the events in advance. Since the beginning of the year I have published the NFP dates on this post HERE. It was followed by the FOMC dates HERE and I also did the Consumer Price Index (CPI) dates HERE. You can print or save these dates (it makes following the news easier). Today is all about the Retail and Core Retail  sales dates for 2017. Learn more about Retail sales stats HERE. This year is all about planning. Planning for when you will trade, when you won’t trade and it is mostly about trading to keep the money. I hope you are with me on this one.

This is a very colourful post, of course it is all about shopping. Below are the dates for Retail and Core Retail sales in 2017.

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