Consumer price index 2017 dates

Consumer price index 2017 dates

Consumer Price Index 2017 dates 

Last year  I wrote a blog post about Consumer Price Index (CPI). If you want to know about it and what it is all about you can check my previous post  Here. This year I  have decided to post a series of important economic news. I have posted about NFP 2017 dates, get them Here. I also did all FOMC dates for 2017, you can read all about it Here. Today is all about the CPI, Core CPI and Trimmed Mean CPI. Below are the Consumer Price Index dates for 2017. Thank you for making this blog alive. Without your subscription and shares, this blog is just a content.

FOMC Meetings Dates-2017

FOMC Meetings Dates-2017

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), a committee within the Federal Reserve System (the Fed), is charged under the United States law with overseeing the nation’s open market operations (i.e., the Fed’s buying and selling of United States Treasury securities). This Federal Reserve committee makes key decisions about interest rates and the growth of the United States money supply.

The FOMC is the principal organ of United States national monetary policy. The Committee sets monetary policy by specifying the short-term objective for the Fed’s open market operations, which is usually a target level for the federal funds rate (the rate that commercial banks charge between themselves for overnight loans).

The FOMC also directs operations undertaken by the Federal Reserve System in foreign exchange markets, although any intervention in foreign exchange markets is coordinated with the U.S. Treasury, which has responsibility for formulating U.S. policies regarding the exchange value of the dollar. SOURCE ~Wikipedia. 

FOMC Current Board  Members 

  • Janet L Yellen, Chair, Board of Governors
  • William C Dudley, Vice Chairman, New York
  • Lael Brainard, Board of Governors
  • James Bullard, St. Louis
  • Stanley Fischer, Board of Governors
  • Esther L George, Kansas City
  • Loretta J Mester, Cleveland
  • Jerome H Powell, Board of Governors
  • Eric Rosengren, Boston
  • Daniel K Tarullo, Board of Governors

Alternate Members 

  • Charles L Evans, Chicago
  • Patrick Harker, Philadelphia
  • Robert S Kaplan, Dallas
  • Neel Kashkari, Minneapolis
  • Michael Strine, New York, First Vice President

Below are the dates for the actual meetings in 2017. You can print them. Please note that you have to confirm your subscription by clicking on the link that is sent to your email soon after you entered your email address and clicked on “Subscribe”. Thank you for stopping by, we are preparing ourselves for all major economic news.

Economic News 30 January To 03 February

Economic news 23 To 27 January

Economic news to watch for this week  

Highlights: On the 24th of January  the United Kingdom’s High Court is due to announce a ruling regarding the government’s ability to bypass parliament and initiate the Brexit by triggering Article 50, it is all happening in London at the Royal Courts of Justice. This will also have a direct impact on GBP, watch out for GBP pairs. On another news it has been said that UK Prime Minister Theresa May will fly to Washington DC to have her talks with the U.S  President Donald Trump as early as Thursday. Dispite the fact that May was criticizing Trump during his campaigns in 2016, she will be one of the first leaders to hold talks with the new president. Below are the economic news to watch this week.



Conditions That May Affect Your Performance In Forex Trading

Conditions That May Affect Your Performance In Forex Trading

Hello readers, it’s me again. This time a thought just crossed my mind and I thought let me come here and share. I am sure you can all relate to what I am about to talk about. Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to make that pip and in the process we overlook the small but the most important factors of our lives that may end up affecting our trading performance.

I have listed just a few that I have personally experienced. I am sure there are plenty, you can engage by leaving your comment and hopefully I will also learn something from your experiences. Just tell us what do you think is the main issue or issues that affect your performance. Let us help each other. Mine are listed below and of course I had to identify them first for me to even start working on them.

Conditions That May Affect Your Performance In Forex Trading.

Stress : As people we are faced with different challenges from time to time. When  you feel  that you are not emotionally OK, it could be due to a break-up in your relationship, a death of a loved one, rather deal with your emotions and stay away from the markets until the issues are resolved. You are more likely to lose money when trading under a lot of stress. I did just that in December 2016  when I was not coping well with my brother’s  illness and I felt so emotionally drained  I ended  up closing  my laptop for trading  around the 10th  just to avoid making mistakes. Trading when stressing  is like eating a lot when you are upset, it only creates more problems and never solves anything. 

Distraction: This may  be caused  by so many things in our lives. You might be distracted because you have visitors who came over for the holidays in your house, your business or job suddenly needs more attention especially during  peak times. It is OK to close your laptop  for a week or so and focus more on the matters at hand . You can always go back to your trading account  once everything is settled.  Always  remember that  this  is your account, you do not report to anyone and you are the one who is calling the shots.

String of losses in one day: When you get bad trades from your first trading session of the day, you are likely to feel discouraged and disappointed. Trading when you feel those emotions may lead to more losses as you tend to panic a lot during the trades and you might just close your trades prematurely in fear of taking another loss.  As much as I have daily targets, I also try not to measure my progress by  daily activities (I check my progress weekly). Oooh! You don’t have daily targets? Set up your’s using the tips that I shared on this post HERE.  As traders we need the patience and also the impatience. We need the patience to be able to wait for the perfect setup and also to let our winning trades run without rushing to close prematurely. We also need the impatience to let the loosing trades run for a long time, we need to learn to accept when we get it wrong (it happens to most of us) and close the bad trade and move on. It is hard to move on or even see other trading opportunities when we let the loosing trades run for days hoping that they will come alright. Each individual is responsible for his/her self-control. Prayer is good, but let us stop abusing it by letting bad  trades run hoping and praying that they’ll come OK.

I hope you guys got reminded of important things that your need to look at and things that you shouldn’t overlook. I have successfully taught so many people, from individuals who have never seen a trading platform before to the ones who have been trading for years but only wanted to learn how I personally trade. But there is one thing that everyone has in common, all these individuals get so discouraged by a loss, it could be a very small loss but somehow we tend to think that things will always go our way (guilty as charged), but the good thing is, I know when to walk away (it took me years to master that, be patient you’ll master it soon as well). I had to struggle for years to teach myself self-control and discipline. Unfortunately this  is one thing that I cannot teach the next person. I am however patient enough to hold everyone by hand as long they are also willing to receive the help. Thank you for stopping by and reading this post.

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