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Recap from the previous week

UK Prime mister Theresa May announced last week that the UK  will be invoking article 50 to start with the process of officially leaving the EU. The markets got jitters and the GBP crumbled and kicked many traders who were holding GBP pairs out of the markets. On another news  the  Manufacturing PMI rose up to 55.4 as opposed to 52.1 forecast. The U.S ISM Manufacturing PMI also rose to 51.5 from expected 50.4.  RBA (Reserve Bank Of Australia) left their interest rates unchanged at 1.50%. Australia Retail Sales increased to 0.4% from 0.2% forecast. The U.S Job number (NFP) declined and came out at 156k as opposed to 171k forecast while the earnings remained unchanged at 0.2% and the unemployment rate increased by 1% from expected 4.9% to 5.0%. Below are the economic news to watch post NFP.


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