Economic news to look out for this week ahead of FOMC.



25th April German IFO Business Climate 4:00am 10:00am 107.1 EUR
26th April Core Durable Orders 8:30am 2:30pm 0.6% USD
26th April CB Consumer Confidence 10:00am 4:00pm 95.8 USD
26th April CPI 9:30pm 3:30am 27th 0.2% AUD
27th  April Prelim GDP 4:30am 10:30am 0.4% GBP
27th April Federal Funds Rates 2:00pm 8:00pm <0.50% USD
27th  April Official Cash Rate 5:00pm 11:00pm 2.25% NZD
28th  April Advance GDP 8:30am 2:30pm 0.7% USD
28th  April Core Retail Sales 8:30am 2:30pm 252K USD
29th April GDP 8:30am 2:30pm CAD




Economic news to look out for this week.


19th April German ZEW Economic Sentiment 5:00am 11:00am 8.2 EUR
19th April Building Permits 8:30am 2:30pm 1.2M USD
20th April Average Earnings Index 4:30am 10:30am 2.1% GBP
20th  April Claimant Count Change 4:30am 10:30am -11.9K GBP
21st   April Retail Sales 4:30am 10:30am -0.1% GBP
21st   April Unemployment Claims 8:30am 2:30pm 265K USD
22nd   April Core CPI 8:30am 2:30pm 0.4% CAD
22nd  April Core Retail Sales 8:30am 2:30pm -0.8% CAD


High impact economic news to look out for this week.


12th April CPI 4:30am 10:30am 0.3% GBP
13th April Core Retail Sales 8:30am 2:30pm 0.4% USD
13th April PPI 8:30am 2:30pm 0.3% USD
13th  April Retail Sales 8:30am 2:30pm 0.1% USD
13th  April Overnight Rate 10:00am 4:00pm 0.50 CAD
13th  April Employment Change 9:30pm 3:30am 14th 18.6K AUD
13th  April Unemployment Rate 9:30pm 3:30am 14th 5.9% AUD
14th April Official Bank Rate 7:00am 1:00pm 0.50% GBP
14th April CPI 8:30am 2:30pm 0.2% USD
14th April Core CPI 8:30am 2:30pm 0.2% USD
14th April Unemployment Claims 8:30am 2:30pm 270K USD
15TH April Manufacturing Sales 8:30am 2:30pm -1.5% CAD
15TH April Prelim UoM Consumer Sentiment 10:00am 4:00pm 92.3 USD


 Forex trading robots – do they really work?

photoDefinition by Google: Forex robot is a computer program based on a set of Forex trading signals that help to determine whether to buy or sell a currency pair at anytime. Forex robots are designed to remove psychological element of trading, which can be detrimental.

Wow!! it sounds like a dream right?, unfortunately for the users, it remain just that, a very nice dream. I think they are missing one line in the definition above, which is “Forex trading robots are the quickest way to make money, only if you are a developer or a consultant promoting them”. I have a little problem as soon as I see these words “make money while you sleep, without lifting a finger“, before  I even start to unpack this topic, I have one thing to say, if it was too easy, we would all be opening trading accounts even for our grandparents and purchase a robot, plug it and let it make millions for us while we mind our own businesses. I wouldn’t be here trying to educate you and sharing my experiences, I would be somewhere in a beach with my super robot plugged in and making money for me, I would go to orphanages and donate one robot to make millions for them, and the more it makes  money, I would visit every underprivileged household and open a Forex account for them and donate one robot, now lets stop dreaming. Let me unpack this topic and share my thoughts, I think big financial firms keep their systems locked up and they keep it a secret, but every Forex robot sold online has one famous line “Trade like big banks”. That is another thing that makes me so uncomfortable, and the fact that the promoters make you believe that a”holy grail” has landed on your lap, the promoters are very talented salespeople who cannot even trade.

Who is likely to be a victim of Forex trading robots?

Because these  are too expensive, I cannot say the poor are victims, but the victims are usually middle class citizens who are really trying to open an extra pipeline of cash flow, they are trying to run away from joining pyramid schemes and they are very aware that there is something called financial markets (which appeals more to them because it is kind of sophisticated). What these individuals (victims) lack, is research. I get tons of emails requesting this information about Forex trading robots found online. I am not a software developer or a Forex Robot developer, I am just a lady Forex trader who happened to understand Forex markets, I always tell them what I know (which is trading in currencies), then tell them to make up their own minds, if the robots make sense to them or not. One of the questions that I always ask them is “what would you do if you get to the airport and you are told that, the plane you are about to board has no pilot, but it will be controlled by a super state of the art robot, would you get in?, of course you wouldn’t right?, simply because even though technology has taken  over many things, no robots can replace pilots or human beings, an airplane still needs that human eye, there are things that can only be seen by a human being, super robots have not yet replaced accountants, we can self-service online, but we still need human beings as accountants (which is why I would never encourage people to drop out of school). Forex trading is a human activity business, and nothing can replace human instincts.

Who is likely to make money with Forex trading robots?

There are two people who can benefit from Forex trading robots, unfortunately, buyers are not included.

  1. Robot builder/developer
  2. Promoter/consultant/ seller

And both of the above mentioned individuals usually do not even use what they are trying to sell to you (Forex trading robots). I am not making up a story here, more than once, I spoke to a software/robot consultants who admitted to me that they do not use the robots, they just promote them, when these individuals came to me for some assistance, at first I thought they were trying to get something out of me or they were just spying on me (because I could see their profiles that they were consultants promoting Forex robots, until they admitted to not using them, they told me that they are just promoting them and providing assistance to the users on how to install). How about the users or buyers?, I do not know, I am still waiting for that one person who can confirm to me that they have been making money using a robot consistently for about a year or so, I tried few robots few years ago, some robots work for few months and just stop, there are people who I went out of my way to warn against using robots, they went ahead and purchased anyway (because they could afford), their excitement was short-lived, they eventually lost everything. I cannot decide for you, I was just sharing, just like I did with Forex trading signals and copy trading. When you lose money trading with Forex robots, there is no way you can know what went wrong, and there is no way you can improve or  fix the mistakes, you cannot become a better or seasoned trader, because you cannot fix what you don’t know, the only solution for you, is to purchase another robot and lose more money, most victims get these robots from seminars which are meant to hype them up. Thank you for stopping by, and if you find this information valuable, please do share with your friends, you might protect them from being victimized.

Why Do I Trade The Way That I Do Now

Why Do I Trade The Way That I Do Now

A little background of where I started to where I am right now, in terms of my trading style/trading method that I use or prefer. In the beginning of my trading career, I was introduced to one form of trading which was technical based, I was only exposed to this form of trading and nothing else. I changed from system to system, from one indicator to another and I could hardly sleep.


I used to spend almost the whole night watching YouTube videos trying to learn this and that and trading was not fun at all. It became this one thing that I so wanted to learn and master, but it was taking over my life in a very bad and overwhelming way. Most of the time I felt like I was suffering from some rare disorder *smiles, it wasn’t nice at all, not to mention emotionally draining and exhausting. I was also not a fun person to be around anymore.


I would make a lot and lose it all again. Funding my account month after month was normal to me. When I started, I did not really have clear goals of where I wanted to take this trading thing. I was just excited to be one of the female traders and learning a new skill.


Personality plays an important role in whatever we do

I believe that when choosing a career or business venture, one needs to consider his/her personality. I am naturally a very calm and a reserved woman. I love peace and quiet, I do not like noise and overcrowded places.


I really enjoy being on my own. There I was trying to get into Forex trading and it took over my whole life. I am a wife and I have a son. Trading took me away from everything that matters to me. Because of the amount of work and efforts that I was putting into it, the long hours and staying up all night, friends and family members assumed that I was making a lot of money, and that alone added some pressure and I just had to keep up.


The truth is, I was living a very stressful life hiding behind charts. Those charts are very attractive when you are still a newbie and the more lines I could draw on charts, the smarter I felt. where am I going with all this? I am trying to show you how important it is to consider our personalities in everything that we do because our personalities lead us to do things the way that we do them.


How was my  quality of life affected?


I struggled to balance life and everything else. I loved trading and I knew that I could make money but it was just too much. I would stay up all night studying charts, I would be glued to my laptop the whole day watching over charts, it was emotionally draining for real.


How do I trade now?

I am no longer consumed by charts and I sleep very well at night. If I happen to be up and trading at night, it is always by choice. I set up an alarm and wake up to trade then go back to sleep again, isn’t it lovely?

I can do my own trading, teach and coach 8-10 people every month, run this blog and still manage to take care of my other business, cook, sit with my family in the evenings and attend to social media and tons and tons of emails that I get daily. Life feels so normal


I trade the economic news and I only use technical analysis to confirm my entries and exits. I am not saying other methods are bad, but probably bad for me, my personality, my lifestyle and my needs. This method that I use works better for me and what matters the most is that I am now trading less, living a normal and simple life but I make more money than I used to.


I used to stay away from the markets during the high impact economic events until I learned how to trade them, (most traders still do, but the economic news are my bread and butter). I listen to what the market says and follow it where it goes. I strive to be on the right side of the markets by trading only after the daily speeches are released.


Try something new

We usually shut down any ideas that are not popular or that are not “in your face” or when we do not understand how it’s done. I am loving this form of trading and I have no regrets. The economic news makes sense to me, knowing what moves the currencies make sense to me. I can trade and still find time to do everything else that matters to me, if I can learn how to bake a cake, my life will be complete *smiles.


Benefits of how I trade 

  1. My trading sessions are pre-planned, I do not do random trades, I wait for the market to decide, then follow.
  2. Emotions are far less than when I was consumed by charts.
  3. I do not worry about the quantity of trades, but the quality, therefore I do not trade 20 times a day.
  4. I make more money than I used to do before, and I actually keep what I make and it does get into my bank account.
  5. I have monthly targets which I break down into weekly and right down to daily, read more HERE.
  6. I can do other things that I enjoy, like cooking,  and ooh well, I am about to learn how to bake a cake (sorry, I am too excited about that, I keep mentioning it).
  7. I can also get to spend time with my family and I am not always irritated ( I used to stress a lot, my son would even say that I control the mood in the house, he was joking but it was the sad truth).
  8. I do not miss my beauty sleep, not even by chance (unless I choose to)
  9. I spend less hours trading.
  10. In the beginning of the week, I always know the currencies that I would be trading the whole week. I check my weekly economic calendar and do my weekly trading schedule every Sunday and know my 3 W’s (what, why, when)
  11. I get time to check up on my mentees on a daily basis and also plan our trading sessions and trade together during news release (1-2 times a day ) depending on our economic calendar. Our sessions take about an hour or so, making it possible for people who are at work to manage. Sometimes we do’nt trade on a specific day and it’s still OK not to trade 5 days a week, remember it’s quality over quantity.


Take action 

If you want to venture into trading but you feel that you might not have time to do it as you were made to believe that you have to be glued to your laptop and life will have to stop just because you have a trading account,  contact me for Private Coaching.


Remember it is all about your needs, your lifestyle and most importantly your personality. If you are trading already and it feels like you are not the same person that you were before you started trading, you are constantly worried and you do not have time to do anything else, your life is now all about charts and markets, it is about time you change how you do it.


Trading should not be a stressful event, if you feel that you are like me, maybe you need to explore this method, but learn first. Thank you  for stopping by and kindly share this post with your peers.

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