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How to partially close a trade on mt4 

Welcome back to my blog, thank you for being here. Today I am going to share a trick, I never knew it was possible until I did it myself. This is not a ticket to gambling or trading bigger lot size hoping you will close it partially, we all need to stick to the size that is well fit for our equity, in case you find yourself on the wrong side of the market while you traded bigger lot size, there is a solution to that, you can partially close a trade on mt4 successfully, below are steps  of how to do it.

1.Double click on close (x) on your trade on the terminal as if you are closing it, (you have to double-click on the (x) otherwise the pop-up order window that will open, will not give you the option to close partially, refer to the screenshot below:


2.Change the size  to your desired volume and click close, refer to the screenshot below:


Once that is done, observe your terminal and you will see the position will then behalf (if you did half), and on your account history you will see the partial loss closed at, and you can do this as many times as you want, basically you can close more than half, but please note that the stop-loss (s/l) and your take profit (t/p) will remain the same, it won’t be changed, that’s it, so simple. It is possible not only in the demo but live account as well. Thank you for stopping by kindly share the post to assist more traders out there.

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