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 Forex for beginners-Learn Forex in south Africa

Welcome to my blog, welcome to my home where I share all my trading journey and more. I have been trading Forex for some years now, it has been a rocky journey full of mistakes, very costly mistakes I must say. When I first heard about the Forex market not so many people knew what it was all about, it was foreign to many, being a woman made it even more difficult for me as most people involved in the Forex market are man, it is still the case even today, Forex trading is fairly new in South africa, but i am here trying to change that. I remember how difficult it was for me to find help when I was starting out, everywhere I went I could only find traders (mostly man) who were already on top of their game and had no time to assist a wannabe like me, especially a woman, those who were nice enough to pay attention were either telling me about some expensive software that I would need to purchase and high fees to pay only to be taught for 4 days. In search of help I joined many Facebook groups and forums but still I found nothing but learning more about the lifestyle of the traders in the groups, their cars, expensive watches, designer clothes and showing off stacks of hundred rand notes, I felt like an unrecognized “cheerleader”.

I know a lot of people can relate to what I am saying here, maybe it is exactly what you are experiencing right now. I went through it all, I paid thousands of rands trying to acquire knowledge but it was all in vain, I would pay and they would open trading account for me and never care what happens to me after, they would  refer me to babypips (which is a very helpful site) but unfortunately it doesn’t help that much if you are clueless, as most of the staff you read there is all new and foreign, not to mention the jargon. It is better to have someone who is already trading to help you especially if you have paid some money to the person, YouTube videos are helpful as well but not to teach you, but to assist when you already know “HOW TO”, after all i still remained clueless and I lost a lot in the Forex market. Because I know how to be taken for a “ride”, I have been scammed a lot because I was desperate and people out there can use that against you, I am now offering assistance to those in need.

If you want to learn forex in south africa, I can hold your hand as a beginner and show you the ropes. I do not believe in trading robots and I have wasted a lot on them and none of them ever produced results. I feel it is always easier if you find someone who can hold your hand while doing it together with you, I am that person. If you are in South Africa even outside south Africa and really wish to learn more about the Forex market, feel free to contact me for private lessons Admin@learnfxtrading.net alternatively you can add me on any of my social media pages found on the sidebar. Thank you for stopping by and reading my post, if you find this information useful please feel free to share it using the share buttons below.

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