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CmTrading Debit Card -Quickest withdrawals 

Welcome back, thank you for being here. Today I am going to introduce you to this Forex broker with an amazing withdrawal system which will allow you to access your withdrawals faster than you’d imagine. Trading with a regulated Forex broker is key. Knowing that your funds are safe will definitely give you peace of mind. Trading with a  regulated Forex broker will make you sleep well at night. You won’t have to worry about waking up one morning only to find that the broker’s site has been seized. It has happened to a lot of people and it also happened to me as well. I will try to be brief in telling you about this specific Forex broker.


  • Operates around the globe except in the United States.
  • Anyone can open trading account with Cm Trading as long as they are not residents of USA, unfortunately they don’t cater for USA.
  • They have offices in south africa and around the globe.
  • Cm Trading is the brand name GCMT SA  (pty)  Ltd (a South African company)
  • Cm Trading also offers copy trading.


  • Cm Trading is locally regulated by the Financial Services Board (FSB) which is the independent institution that oversees the non-banking financial services sector in South Africa in the public interest. The FSB maintains and promotes a secure financial environment in South Africa.
  • Cm Trading’s client’s funds are protected under FSP 38782 Blackstone Marketing SA (PTY) Ltd.
  • To find out more about how to check Cm Trading on FSB website, kindly refer to the link below on FSB HELP GUIDE, and to register for your Cm Trading account click on REGISTER NOW.


Safety Of Funds 

  • Cm Trading provides safe and secured trading environment for all clients, not only for VIP clients.
  • Cm Trading uses Nedbank for S.A and the client’s funds are kept in the segregated bank account which is separated from business account.
  • All information from clients sign ups or adding funds are protected and they can never be used for any other purpose.

Cm Trading Debit Mastercard

Wow!! talk about the freedom of having your trading earnings deposited direct to the USD MasterCard,  now that is what I like the most, the convenience and the fact that I don’t have to worry much about the crazy local bank charges, this is what I call easy access to my money. CM Trading debit MasterCard was introduced in 2013 and I am amongst first few people to obtain it, it has made my life easier,  I don’t have to wait for withdrawals for longer periods, anyway all withdrawals are processed in a short period of time for all types of withdrawal methods, Cm Trading debit MasterCard  is super fast though, sounds like a dream right..

How To Get Cm Trading Debit Mastercard

  • Register with Cm Trading, open live account, click REGISTER NOW (from previous paragraph).
  • Verify your account by sending your ID and proof of residence ( verification takes few hours to complete).
  • Add funds minimum of R5000, you can select any form of deposit that suits you, credit card, debit card or direct deposit to their Nedbank account, account numbers can be found on the website, the live chat agents are always ready to assist should you need any assistance.
  • Start trading and proceed with your CM Trading debit MasterCard application.

How Much Does Cm Trading Debit Card Costs

Total cost is $25 which is debited from your trading account, plus additional $20, so the total amount debited from your trading account would be $45 but the good thing is that the your card  will come loaded with $20 for you to spend  or “test drive” right away.

The Benefits Of The Card And How It Works

  • Faster withdrawals and money is sent direct to your Cm Trading debit MasterCard.
  • You can use it at any point of purchase where the MasterCard logo is displayed.
  • You can use to withdraw cash at any ATM, though it is loaded with dollars it works at any ATM in any country, including your local ATM around the corner. If you are travelling, you can just cash out some money  from your Cm Trading account direct to your  Cm Trading debit MasterCard and use it at your next stop without worrying about exchanging money, you just find ATM and withdraw cash (how convenient) as long as  the MasterCard logo is displayed, the card works.
  • You can make purchases online too, it doesn’t get better than that, we all know shopping online requires credit card, get this debit card and you are sorted. sharing is caring, kindly share this post using the share buttons below. Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Tebogo says:

    Clear and straight to the point article. CMTrading has more pros than cons. The support is awesome but the only thing that works against them is their spreads but nonetheless you have mentioned very valuable points.

    • Thank you Tebogo for your comment,but most of all,for taking time to read my post.I have come to the point where i look beyond spreads,as you say yourself the great outweighs the”not so great”.When it comes to choosing a broker i look for stability,safety of funds, regulations and convenience more than anything else, not forgeting easy withrawal process,so far they take it and that is why i have stayed with them for so many years even when i use other brokers.

  2. Dane says:

    How are they comparing to ACM Gold?

    • hello Dane, ACM Gold is also regulated by Financial Services board(FSP- 26164) but they do not have the debit card.I use ACM Gold too mainly for CFD’S as they offer mini lot sizes on CFD’s.

  3. Themba says:

    Maletsatsi, I want to start trading on Forex, but have no clue whatsoever on how to go about doing this, where do I start?

  4. sabelosa says:

    thank you for the information,Im opening an account right away;thanks Ntombi.

  5. Alex says:

    Details on trading please

  6. Hi Ntombi,

    I know you’re using CM trading as your brokers, but which 5 brokers would you recommend if one had to choose a broker.

    Which brokers do you trust since you’ve been in this game for a while now?


  7. Hi Ntombi, It looks like you have lots of experience in this industry. Basically I want to start trading forex but I’m not sure how to start or go about too. Been practising with my demo account for few months now, which i open with XM.com I’m struggling to find an affordable or convenient broker which is regulated. Regards MS@Pta

    • Hi Solly
      Thank you for stopping by and for your comment. I have been doing this since late 2009. I am willing to assist. I need to know a few things like
      1. How much do you wish to start your live account with?
      2. Which pairs do you trade the most?
      3. Are you also looking at trading more instruments besides currencies?

      This will help in choosing a Broker which will suit your individual needs.
      You can Whatsapp me: +27 64 510 4132 Or +27 76 966 9392 for quicker response.

      These are the FSB regulated Brokers. Read more about them and their profiles (including FSP numbers) here: http://learnfxtrading.net/fsb-regulated-forex-brokers-in-south-africa/

  8. Dragan says:

    I’ve been trading with CMTrading for a few months now. They offer a lot of different trading options which brings variety on the table. Also, their e-book and their webinars will teach you a lot of things. Last but not least, their support is one of the greatest you will find in the FX World. The Sirix platform is just another addition to overall great broker.

    • Hi Dragan

      Thank you for stopping by. Yes, their support is super. I hope you do have their debit card, withdrawals take only a few hours when using a debit card. I wish you great success in your trading career.

  9. Jones Cresswell says:

    Yeah, scams in the Forex world happen more often than not, however as long as you trade with a certified broker you should be just fine. When I moved to Cape Town I started trading with CMTrading and I never had any issues

  10. Marija says:

    I started trading with CMTrading a year ago and I recommend them. I love their fast withdrawals which are processed in the business days. That gives me more confidence because in the business days they are veryfing the money. Also, I will recommend to the emails updates, there are many interesting promotions!

  11. Frank.A says:

    Having a good broker is all that maters in the Forex world. CMTrading gives you the opportunity to trade safely and enjoy yourself! Kudos to them!

    • Hi Frank

      True, there is nothing as painful as trading with a broker, make good money and at the end realizing that the broker never pays withdrawals. A broker that makes you beg for your money and the support system which is only via creating a ticket which is never responded to. Thank you for stopping by.

  12. Thomas says:

    Their e-book was helpful when I first started trading fx. The sirix platform they utilize is great place to sharpen your skills as you engage with other traders.

  13. Thomas says:

    As a digital nomad living off of Forex I find it really useful that CMTrading has a Master Card that can be used worldwide. Withdrawals are processed super fast and traiding on the go is great!

  14. Adolf says:

    Hello ntombi

    Doese cmtrading have an app?

  15. Kristy says:

    Having high volume of tradin’ options is cool. That gives you the freedom to trade a few times a day without burning out!

  16. Eric says:

    If your broker can’t offer you security and support it is time to change it. I was stuggling a few months back, before finally deciding to give CMTrading a chance. Best decision ever

  17. Eric says:

    Landing a great deal of bonuses is always a great way to boost your trading potential. CMTrading offers great bonuses and gifts that will help you out.

  18. Steven says:

    The bonuses that CMTrading has are out of this world, like seriously who does that?! Awesome boost to every trader out there!

  19. Tony says:

    I enjoyed learning about FX through their training videos and e-books, along side my demo account! I went live a couple of months back and I am so happy with them!

  20. Edward says:

    Because I started alone, meaning no one in my closest surrounding was trading FX I felt isolated and had no drive. All of that changed when I joined CMTrading and their Sirix platform.

  21. Edward says:

    My work had me moving around a lot, so after quitting my 9-5, I went a Digital Nomad living of FX. CMTrading’s MasterCard made it possible! Cheers!

  22. Ronald says:

    They are legit broker with great reputation and name for themselves. They built trust among their clients and were able to offer me safe trading space! Their mastercard is very valuable asset too!

  23. Anthony says:

    FX is hihghly risky business! I’ve been trading with CMTrading’s Android App for awhile on the go and I’ve experienced my ups and downs. Still, nothing to complain about the broker!

  24. Anthony says:

    The learning material at CMTrading is really helpful. Even though I am seasoned trader I still check their webinars from time to time!

  25. Philip says:

    CMTrading is a wonderful place to start as a trader. I never had enough time to study on my own, and CMTrading studying plan and material really pushed me helped me to learn how to trade.

  26. Philip says:

    They offer great charts which is essential to being a great trader… They have clear concise cuts and are easy to follow!

  27. Boyana says:

    CMTrading gives you different options to trade with! This is probably one of the most important thing if you want to be a successful trader.

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